Polyester Filament Yarn


Since production began in 1958, Tetoron®'s excellent properties such as ideal volume, and easy-care nature have contributed significantly to comfort in clothing styles.
TTS has produced Polyester Filament by Toray's technology and management. Tetoron® is also suitable for a wide range of applications, industrial and construction uses including car seats, seatbelts, house, various belts and safety-nets etc.


  • Fully Oriented Yarn (FOY)
    (1) Two Step Process Yarn (UY/DT, UY/DW)
    (2) Spin Draw Yarn (SDY)
    (3) Mono Filament Yarn
  • Pre Oriented Yarn (POY)


  • for Apparel
    Sportware, Men & Women's Dress Lining, Lingerie, etc.
  • for Industrial
    Seat-Belt, Hose, Belt, Heavy-woven Sling, Cure Net (MESH), etc.
Seat Belt