Nylon Filament Yarn


Nylon, the world's first synthetic fibers, was first manufactured in large scale in Japan by Toray in1951. TTS has produced Nylon Filament by Toray's technology and management. Nylon offers many features such as excellent tensile strength, abrasion strength, and chemical-resistance, as well as good development properties. Nylon applications for clothes include swimsuit, skiwear and undergarments; while its uses in industrial materials, fishing nets etc.


  • Fully Oriented Yarn (FOY)
    (1) One Step Process Yarn (OSP)
    (2) Two Step Process Yarn (UY/DT, UY/DW)
    (3) Mono Filament Yarn
    (4) Splitting Yarn
  • Pre Oriented Yarn (POY)


  • for Apparel
    Undergarments, Swimsuit, Socks,
    Narrow-Tape,Lining,Bag etc.
  • for Industrial
    Fishing Net,Rope,Airbag etc.
Fishing Net