CSR Guidelines

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR of Toray Group Companies in Thailand)

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Toray Group Companies in Thailand strive to operate business with concern about stakeholders by managing to balance 3 main factors which are 1) Economics Factor (create economics value added for both company and society) 2) Social Factor (retain mutual understanding and encourage surrounding local community’s culture) and 3) Environmental Factor (operate business with care for preservation of environment). To achieve our goal, Toray Group Companies in Thailand issued the “CSR Guidelines” to guide our employees and to create CSR’s corporate culture for corporate wealth as well as corporate value and to gain social acceptance for sustainable growth.

  1. Corporate Governance and Management Transparency
    We will pursue CSR activities to support society by strengthening our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Missions, and Corporate Guiding Principles and retain trustworthy organization by striving to enhance corporate governance with transparency.

  2. Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance
    We will operate business with sense of responsibility under ethics, legal compliance, virtue, honesty and fairness.

  3. Safety, Accident Prevention and Environmental Preservation
    Safety at work, accident prevention and sanitation for both employees and workplace are first priority management issues as well as environment protection in business operation including raw material, production, waste disposal and promotion of recycle activities by using and developing environmental friendly technology and being a part to improve world environment.

  4. Product Safety and Quality
    We will provide products and services with higher value, ensure quality and safety of all products, inspect safety standard of raw material, chemical, production process and quality assurance as well as provide product information appropriately.

  5. Risk Management
    We will anticipate, seek, assess the situation in order to set preventive measures and reduce risk in business operation, develop system and procedure for prompt response and exchange of accurate information including efficient prevention of unexpected events and information announcement system to all employees.

  6. Communication
    Promote communication, discussion, explanation for accurate understanding as well as doing activities together to build good relationship, network of concerned persons, build trustworthiness and acceptance from stakeholders including government units, customers, consumers, investors, society, local communities, employees, and labor union, for smooth and appropriate business operation.

  7. Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities
    Provide solutions to solve problems on global environment, e.g., climate change, cooperate to solve social problems, improve qualities of medical care, lighten the burden of medical personnel, to promote healthcare and longevity.

  8. Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development
    Support personnel by offering them the opportunity to learn, develop themselves, fully utilize their potential and offer promotion in accordance with ability and performance as well as job security. Rules and regulations are for peace and fairness of every party as well as respect for human rights, gender, nationality, religion, tradition and local custom.

  9. Facilitating CSR Initiatives throughout the Supply Chain
    Promote CSR activities throughout the entire supply chain by working closely with suppliers, processing vendors, customers, and distributor companies.

  10. Social Contribution Activities
    As a member of society, we will support social contribution activities of local community and public, promote education, research in science and technology, art and cultures, social welfare and sport occasionally and appropriately.