Summary of Operating Result 2017 (April 2017 to March 2018)

Sales amount in the fiscal year 2017 increased 94 million Baht, from 1,086 million Baht in the year 2016 to 1,180 million Baht or 8.6%. The analysis separated by product is as the following.

Woven fabric: In the year 2017, sales amount was 795 million Baht, decreasing from the previous year 55 million Baht because the overall economic situation still slowed down. Most of woven customers were uniform groups who directly were varied by the economic situation. Main market in the Middle East economy still declined because crude oil price did not increase much in the past year so there was no effect on economic stimulus in this region. The company faced the severe competition in Japan market including Baht strengthened against the Dollar so the export quantity of woven fabrics in the year 2017 decreased. For local market, purchasing power of consumers was still low caused of declining economic situation. The company had to look for new uniform markets who wanted woven fabric with more special functions such as government office, private companies, and customers in ASEAN.

Knitted fabric: Sales amount in the year 2017 was 365 million Baht. When comparing with the year 2016 which sales amount was 220 million Baht, sales amount increased about 145 million Baht or 66%. Market of knitted fabrics had high competition both of price and quality so the company worked together with business partners for relieving the intensity of competition and empowering the competitive advantage. For local market, the sales amount increased from new markets of uniform. For export market, the company expanded to casual wear in Japan.

Car-seat fabric: Sales amount in the year 2017 was 20 million Baht, increasing from the previous year about 4 million Baht and all of them were domestic sales. Therefore, the company had some limitation of production so the company did not emphasize to expand this product and all of sales came from the existing customers.


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