Outline of Business


In Thailand, the fiber business of Toray Group involves manufacturing and marketing of filament yarn through Thai Toray Synthetics Company Limited (TTS). Main products of TTS are nylon filament yarn and polyester filament yarn for apparel and industrial usage. The Nylon filament yarn are used in wide range of application such as apparel fabric, fishing net, air bag etc. while the polyester filament yarns are used in producing apparel fabric, seat belt and industrial sewing thread etc.


In Thailand, the textile business of Toray Group is a vertical operation of spinning, weaving, and dyeing of fabrics through Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Company Limited (TTTM) and Luckytex (Thailand) Public Company Limited (LTX). TTTM manufactures and sells polyester and rayon blended fabric for apparel uses such as trousers, uniforms, suits, etc., knitted fabrics for sportswear and polyester fabric for car seat fabric. Main products of LTX includes polyester and cotton blended fabric for apparel and furnishing uses, polyester filament fabric for lining, cotton fabric for jeans and industrial material products - cord yarn for rubber material reinforcement and fabrics for airbag. With a production operated in three Mills, LTX has become one of the largest production scale enterprises in Thailand.


The unique plastic business of Toray group in Thailand is related to cast polypropylene (CPP) and metallized films and compound chip introducing at Thai Toray Synthetics Company Limited (TTS). The cast polypropylene (CPP) and metallized films are used in food packaging while the compounds are used in a wide range of application such as interior and exterior automobile components, household electrical appliances, radiator, oil tank connector, relay. In addition, in line with the business diversification, Toray expanded Plastic business in Thailand by manufacturing and marketing PET resin for bottles at Thai PET Resin Company Limited (TPRC).


Carbon Fiber Business
Carbon Fiber business in Thailand is operated through Carbon Magic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The company mass produces competitively priced high-quality, high-precision carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) products in collaboration with Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. The CFRP is used for parts in various field such as automobile, industrial, construction and etc.


Beside an area of manufacturing, Toray also expanded business in field of trading through Toray International Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. main business is to conduct both domestic and international trading of Toray Group products.