Summary of Operating result 2017

In FY2017, the overall global economy was steady recovery. From the Thailand's government execution on the attempt of the export expansion brought out Thailand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has 3.9% increased upwards which higher than the previous year. However, with that expansion brought about consequences as stronger Thai baht currency and the overseas market became more intense on price competition, which turned our textile industry business into more tough circumstance.


In the year 2017, although our sales revenue was 8,631 million baht which decreased 6% from previous year, but the net income of equity method basis was increased from 378 to 542 million baht either with a separate basis (not-consolidated) which increased from 298 to 495 million baht. Considering to our product quality as well as profitability improvement were such a robust achievement despite the fact that we have suffered from the export sales amount has decreased on account of strong Thai baht currency and the uncertain market situation of Middle-East.
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