Thailand Toray Science Foundation (TTSF)

Thailand Toray Science Foundation (TTSF) was established in 1993 through initial endowment by Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan) and annually activities supporting by Toray Group Companies in Thailand.The objective of TTSF is to contribute the progress of science and technology in Thailand. Every year the TTSF provides grants and awards to various projects in the fields of natural science including engineering, chemistry, agriculture and physics. Since the establishment, TTSF has been granting in total of Baht 124 million for total granted to 668 recipients.

In order to achieve the objective, TTSF endeavors to undertake the following activities;

  • Recognizing outstanding achievements through Science and Technology Awards
  • Providing financial assistance for basic research through Science and Technology Research Grants
  • Recognizing creative and innovative contributions to effective science education in junior and senior high schools through Science Education Awards

Since 1993, Toray Group Companies in Thailand has been supporting TTSF annual activities by granting fund for researchers, teachers in various schools and institutions in Thailand with our aim to fulfill objective of the TTSF in contributing the progress of science and technology in Thailand as we believe that science and technology development is a crucial base for country development.