Summary of Operating Result 2016 (April 2016 to March 2017)

When comparing with sales amount of the fiscal year 2015, sales amount in 2016 reduced from 1,153 million Baht to 1,086 million Baht or decreased about 67 million Baht, 5.8%. The analysis separated by product is as the following.

Woven fabric: Sales amount decreased from 943 million Baht in the year 2015 to 850 million Baht in the year 2016 or reduced 93 million Baht, 9.8%. Domestic sales decreased 26 million Baht or 4.5% when comparing with domestic sales in the year 2015 because global economy was not recovered. Purchasing power of some consumers reduced because they still had to pay for debt by installments continuously. There was severe price competition in domestic market from both of local and oversea manufacturers such as India and China. Moreover, market of school uniform situation was in continuous decline due to the widespread use of a policy that someday in a week, students can dress in other style such as national costume.

According to slowing down economy, it was impacted on woven fabric export such as high value fabric, corporate uniform fabric because the economy of our partner countries were not recovered especially in Japan, our main market and there was more price pressure from customers so export sales amount in the year 2016 decreased from the year 2015 about 67 million Baht or 18%.

Knitted Fabric: When comparing with 2015 which sales amount was 181 million Baht, sales amount in the year 2016 was 220 million Baht or increased 39 million Baht, 21%. Sales amount of domestic market increased by sport wear fabric while the export market, Japan, was corporate uniform fabric. By the way, fashion fabric market was fluctuating from Japan economy so order of that part was not stable. The company attempted to develop new knitted fabric for various choices for customers such as spacer fabric, component acrylic fabric for inner wear.

Car Seat Fabric: Sales amount decreased from in the year 2015 which was 29 million Baht to 16 million Baht cause of changed fashion trend and technical limitation of production.


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