Thai Toray Polyester Viscose Fabrics

offer the ultimate combination of comfort, durability and style

The Thai Toray Brand represents more than 47 years of consumer confidence and comfort.Thai Toray Fabric is a mixed spun textile consisting of polyester and viscose. Our unique blend combines viscose's top characteristics of comfort, lustre, and moisture absorbency with polyester's strength and high abrasion resistance to the optimum effect. The unique properties of Thai Toray Fabric have been proven by extensive laboratory experi

Garments and uniforms made from today's Thai Torays Fabric are exceedingly tough and durable and yet are still stylish and comfortable enough to wear every day.

The optimal blend of fibres designed to maximise the absorption and desorption of moisture

Thai Toray Fabric contains viscose fibres, which are proven to have far superior moisture absorbency capabilities when compared to other natural or synthetic fibres. The blend with polyester fibres also allows garments to dry quickly during outdoor activities and helps to reduce heat. You will feel cool, dry and comfortable every time you wear a garment made from Thai Toray Fabric.

The Toray Industries Textile Development Centre in Japan conducted laboratory experiments designed to evaluate and compare the moisture absorption and desorption capabilities of viscose. cotton, and polyester. The experiment simulated the climate of an air-conditioned room at 20℃ with a relative humidity of 65%.

During the first 2 hours of the experiment, the temperature and the relative humidity were gradually raised to 30°C and 95% respectively.
During the final 2 hours, the temperature and relative humidity were gradually returned to their original values to once again simulate the climate of an air-conditioned room.

As the graph above illustrates, the laboratory experiments confirm that not only does the viscose and polyester blend display far superior moisture absorption and desorption capabilities than the cotton and polyester blend and the pure polyester fabric. but that its rate of moisture absorption and desorption is also considerably faster. The viscose fibres contained in Thai Toray Fabric are therefore proven to absorb and desorb moisture rapidly and effectively hence allowing garments to dry more quickly. Wearers of garments made from Thai Toray Fabric will feel more comfortable in all climates, whether in high temperatures outdoors or in the cool dry climate of an air-conditioned room.

Superior heat ventilation, smoothness and comfort in the most challenging of climates

Thai Toray Fabric is ideally suited for uniforms worn in tropical climates due to its superior heat ventilation capabilites in both dry and humid conditions. Thai Toray Fabrics are tested in advanced laboratories on mannequins at the Toray Industries Headquarters to ensure Thai Toray Fabric wearers that they will feel comfortable in any environment.

These test mannequins are programmed to react to changing humidity and temperature conditions and perspire exactly as a humans would. The experiments with these mannequins reveal that the surface temperature of the mannequins while wearing a garment made from Thai Toray Fabric are measurably lower than the mannequins wearing garments made from either polyester or cotton. This is due to the superior heat ventilation and rapid moisture absorption and desorption rate of Thai Toray Fabric. Uniforms made from Thai Toray Fabric are comfortable to wear at all times and in all types of weather.

Superior Smoothness and Comfort

Cross sectional view at 300 times magnification shows the even alignment of the double yarn woven fabrics.

Thai Toray Fabric is manufactured using double-yarn weaving technology. The resulting fabric is finer and yet more durable than the typical single-yarn weaving fabrics which are prone to pilling and thinning and have a considerably shorter lifespan. The double-yarn weaving process used on Thai Toray fabrics also results in fabrics which are considerably more durable and longer lasting than those made by the single-yarn process.

Long-lasting Color Brilliance Even After Many Washes

The outstanding performance of our fabrics is the result of our unique weaving and dyeing processess, which maximise the superior characteristics inherent in polyester and viscose fibres. This makes it particularly suitable for student uniforms and workwear and comfortable to be worn in all climates and weather conditions. No matter how many times you wear, wash or iron a garment made by Thai Toray, you will notice that the fabric will continue to look its best because Thai Toray Fabric provides you with a unique blend of quality and comfort that will last for many years to come.

  • This ensures that the dye solution is fully absorbed into each fiber of the yarn. As a result, Thai Toray fabrics have long lasting and vibrant colours whilst still retaining their softness and resilience.
  • A special dyeing process called Jet Dyeing is employed for Thai Toray Fabric. The Jet Dyeing process involves circulating the fabric in a closed vessel at high temperatures for 5-8 hours to allow the dye solution to fully penetrate the fabric.

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