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September 2014Establishment of Toray International Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd (TITH) by transformation of TITL
December 2013 Establishment of Toray Plastics Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
April 2013 Toray acquired majority share in Carbon Magic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CMTH) (Formerly was Dome Composite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
September 2005 Establishment of Dome Composite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
October 2003 Establishment of Thai Toray Synthetics Company Limited (TTS) through the combine of TNT, TFL and 3TP
May 2002 Establishment of Thai PET Resin Company Limited (TPRC)
Establishment of Toray Industries (Thailand) Company Limited (TTH)
March 2001 Establishment of Toray International (Thailand) Limited (TITL)
April 1991 Establishment of Toray Fibers (Thailand) Limited (TFL)
March 1989 LTX listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
January 1988 Establishment of 3TM Plastics Company Limited (3TP)
October 1981 TTTM listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Year 1972 Toray acquired almost half of shares of LTX and participated in the management
December 1963 Establishment of Toray Nylon Thai Company Limited (TNT)
March 1963 Establishment of Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Company Limited (TTTM)
March 1960 Establishment of Luckytex (Thailand) Public Company Limited (LTX)