Summary of Operating result 2016

In FY2016, although the global economy as a whole continued a gradual recovery, international political turmoil such as Brexit in UK, the US presidential election, and continuous conflicts in the mid-east had strongly affected the economy. In Thailand, consumption continued to be sluggish, a strong baht blew as a headwind against export companies. The environment surrounding our company remained severe.


Our sales in FY2016 were 9,199 million baht, increased by 3% from the previous year. Net income of the Equity method basis was reduced from 450 million baht to 378 million baht. A separate basis (not-consolidated) reduced from 347 million baht to 298 million baht. We did succeed to take in some of the growing demands. However, a bad market situation, quality problems and the resulted production loss and increased production costs, as well as the disposal of retained stock were also the cause of a profit decrease. [ Read more ]

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