The precision molding technology, using prepreg and autoclave and its know-how have been developed racing cars based on Toray Carbon Magic many year's experience, and now shared with CARBON MAGIC THAILAND. The technologies developed in Japan coupled with studious and experienced staff in Thailand guarantee high precision and high-efficiency.

Manufacture Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) products, such as Racing car parts, Part for Automotive, Motorcycle, Rail train, Bicycle, Industrial robot/equip., Medical, Sports & Leisure and etc.

A strict quality control process is equal to that of manufacturing process for aircraft parts. As for the notoriously challenging exterior quality control process one faces when dealing with composite molding products, we are confident that we can satisfy our clients with assurance based on our many achievements and our product's high reliability.

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Carbon Magic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CMTH, formerly known as Dome Composites (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), a joint venture of Toray Industries, Inc., Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. (TCM) and Saha Group, was established in September 2005 by Dome Group and Saha Group and became a member of Toray Group in April 2013. CMTH is the manufacturing subsidiary of TCM in Maibara, Japan. The company mass produces competitively priced high-quality, high-precision Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) production collaboration with TCM, which possesses development functions such as parts design and testing, and is steadily expanding its business.


Company Name Carbon Magic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Establishment September 2005
fomerly was Dome Composites (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Capital 590 Million Baht
Number of Employee 100
Mass Production Parts Automotive, Motorcycle, Rail train, Bicycle, Industrial robot / equip, Pipe & Tanks, Medical, Sports & Leisure, Consumer goods, and others.
Company Profile Joint venture between Toray Carbon Magic and Saha Group

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215-1 ,Miyoshi, Maibara, Shiga
521-0023, Japan
Tel. +81 749 54 2828
Fax. +81 749 54 0600